Jason Bridgman

"I have achieved great results with PulmonAID on horses with known issues which have seen them return to top level performance without further reoccurrence. No doubt it has been a contributing factor in their return to full health."

Lisa Latta

"I have been using PulmonAID for about 12 months. Last season has been my first season since horses in my stable have had no respiratory complaints. I’ve had no vet bills or down time due to lung or airway issues and all horses on PulmonAID seem to be breathing far easier than the others."

Jeremy Whale

"I've found AppeTITE to be a great product for ensuring my ready to run horses eat up. It's important they eat when they leave home and head to the sale ring so the horses can thrive as much as they do at my place. When I've used AppeTITE on picky eaters, they clean the feed bin shortly after using the product. It's something you'll see work within minutes and I recommend to any horse person that is taking horses away from home or have a fussy eater."

Tony Noonan

"NutriFLEX is a joint powder we have tried with good feedback from riders, reporting over time that the horses felt freer and it helped to maintain soundness. It is palatable with a pleasant smell and texture and unlike other powders, never appears in the bottom of the feed bin in the morning."

Steve Telfer

"KelatoLYTE has become an integral component of the diet of all horses at Stonewall Stud. Our horses maintain a steady level of sweat on KelatoLYTE and hydration has never been a problem for us since using this electrolyte. We like the concentrated dose and the balance of electrolytes seems to be perfect as it keeps our horses electrolytes in normal ranges all the time."

Jess Schumacher

"I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful product, RedHOT Spray. I initially purchased it to stop my horse chewing the wood. I have recently acquired a new puppy. This is where your product has been worth it's weight in gold! Not only has it saved our leather couch and other items of furniture from becoming victim to chewing. It has helped to toilet train her too. She won't go near any area that's been sprayed with RedHOT! The product really works!"

John Sargent

"I have been using Voltage for the past 2 years in my racing stables. I generally administer it post race and can see the difference in how quickly our horses bounce back to optimum health after a race. I would recommend these tubes to any horse person wishing to pick their horses energy levels up."


"Just wanted to say, I used this product for the first time a couple of weeks ago on a horse who arrived from trainers was in a bad way. The wash removed the buildup of sweat and dirt from his coat leaving it soft, sitting flat and having a beautiful fullness to it. Couldn't rate it more. Would never use common shampoos again. These are the best results I have ever seen. Highly recommend."

Natalie J

"Since I have been using ZanoBOLIC concentrate, I have found my horses topline has improved dramatically. I also told a trainer I ride trackwork for to try this product on a horse that was abit weak and two months on he feels alot stronger in his gallops and he holds his sprint for longer."