Free Diet Analysis

We all want our horses to look and perform at their best. Knowing how to feed them to achieve these goals can be difficult, even to the most experienced horseman or woman. There are so many different feeds and supplements on the market, it is easy to be confused. Worse still, everyone you speak to gives different advice.

Kelato Animal Health offers a Diet Evaluation and Formulation Service that takes the guesswork out of horse feeding. In many cases, the use of this service saves money on unnecessary feed supplements and expensive feeds.

All horses are individuals and must be fed as such. Factors such as age, climate, type of work and body weight are critical in any professional diet analysis. Most important is information regarding the horses existing diet as this forms the basis for recommendations on how the diet should be modified to better suit your horses requirements, and/or save money on your feed bill.

A complete analysis of your existing diet is carried out so that you receive a summary of the nutrient profile of your feed outlining Protein, Energy, Mineral and Vitamin levels. This analysis is plotted against requirement for your type of horse and any discrepancies are highlighted and discussed. A nutritionally balanced suggested diet is then formulated and recommendations made to correct any nutritional disorders.

This is a unique service, that provides you with a comprehensive analysis of your existing diet and presents you with a well-balanced, least-cost, suggested diet that is custom formulated for your horse.

We can completely analyse one of your existing diets and give you back a comprehensive report on its nutrient status and effectiveness along with a suggested alternative diet which would more closely suit your horses requirements taking into account your feed quality and climate.


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