Size: 32g tube.

MuscleGUARD is an oral paste which provides key nutrients that have a role in protecting muscles and sustaining their function during strenuous exercise and in preventing muscle soreness and fatigue during and after an event.

How does it work?

Low intensity exercise:

  • Uses oxygen to fuel the energy production process.
  • Glycogen conversion to energy is minimal, however of required Carnitine in MuscleGUARD helps the glycogen reservoir sustain for a longer period.
  • The wastes produced are combated by the antioxidants in MuscleGUARD

High intensity exercise – sprint:

  • Not enough oxygen is inhaled to be used as the fuel so other energy sources are used to power muscles
  • High carnitine amounts in muscles prior to exercise (loading) enables higher work output for less energy expenditure
  • Oral carnitine ingestion (say from MuscleGUARD) can load the muscles with glycogen
  • A large enough reservoir of Carnitine in the muscles ensures all energy sources such as fatty acids are used BEFORE glycogen stores are used.
  • The delay in glycogen depletion delays lactic acid (and pain) taking over.

Why do I need it?

The muscle fibres of a horse are a huge asset to the racing or performance horse. Without them, there’s not much to work with – so the muscles need to be protected.

Other products that may help

MuscleGUARD plays a particularly important role with LoosenUP to prevent muscle soreness and fatigue, MuscleGUARD having a role in acute circumstances and LoosenUP being indicated for chronic (i.e. longer term) problems.

Administer ½ a tube 6 – 8 hours prior to the event and then the remaining ½ tube immediately post-event.
MuscleGUARD is applied directly on to the back of the horses tongue.