KelatoVIT Performance

KelatoVIT Performance

Sizes: 2kg, 16kg.

KelatoVIT Performance is a complete all-in-one multi vitamin, mineral, chelated trace mineral and anti-oxidant supplement for horses.

Why do I need it?

Supplementing diets with KelatoVIT Performance gives you the balance and flexibility in the diet you need to ensure your horses requirements will be met so you get the best results in:

Performance – vitamins and minerals assist with energy generation and protect muscles from damage, meaning speed, strength and stamina will be maximised.
Recovery – balanced diets help speed recovery and restore appetite following strenuous exercise.
AppetiteKelatoVIT Performance’s palatable formula and B-group vitamins help to maintain a vigorous appetite
Health – Vitamins and minerals play a vital role in maintaining the immune system and general health of your horses. Their health will be reflected in shinier coats, clear eyes and strong bones and hooves.

The very best of reasons for supplementing your equine diet with KelatoVIT Performance is to ensure your horse is provided with precisely the correct amount of essential nutrients in a balanced and stable form, without the risk of over or under supplementing.

How will it help my horse?

‘Complete’ feeds are commonly used to increase the concentratation of vitamins and minerals in the diet. While they provide a good source of energy, protein and oils, and they are fortified with vitamins and minerals, unfortunately they don’t provide a safe environment for vitamins, meaning the longer the feed is stored the greater the loss of concentration and potency of the added vitamins.

Mix KelatoVIT into the daily feed or hand feed if desired.
Daily dose rates are as follows (based on a 500kg horse)

Spelling 55g
Light Work 60g
Moderate Work 75g
Heavy Work 90g